Whether you are digging a new flower bed or one that is suitable for growing vegetables, the quality of your soil will be crucial for its future success. There are many ways to achieve this and no single method is better than any other – it depends on the type of soil you already have in place. That said, there are soil delivery services you can take advantage of in many parts of Australia, which means you can instantly improve the quality of your bed. Most soil delivery services won't simply deliver high-quality soil to you but put it exactly where you need it — something that can save many hours of back-breaking work shovelling it by hand. What else should you be doing?

Add Compost

Essentially, compost is made up of rotten vegetation, which means that the nutrients of old plants are available to be used once more by other plants as they grow. Work compost into your bed after you have dug it, and spread it evenly throughout the uppermost 10 centimetres of the bed. This will mean that any plants or seedlings you put into the bed will be able to make immediate use of it. Bear in mind that many same-day soil delivery companies will be able to send you compost as well as soil to get you going. Indeed, some may even pre-mix it for you.

Fertilise Your Soil

It is always a good idea to add some fertiliser to a new bed so that the soil is enriched over the medium-term. Many of the natural fertilisers available on the market will target specific plants that you might want to grow. Some are particularly focussed on the nutritional needs of tomato plants, for example. Again, some soil delivery services will allow you to purchase enriched soil, which has already had things like chicken manure or fish waste added to it.

Work Your Soil

As well as adding things to your soil, it is best to remove unwanted items from the new bed, too. If you have dug up grass from your lawn to make space for it, for instance, then make sure you have removed all of their roots. Forking over the new bed before you plant anything in it will also help to aerate it, which, again, improves the chances of roots healthily taking hold. When working your soil, try to pick out any stones you come across, especially the larger ones. Remember that suppliers who offer soil delivery services will have often sifted their product so that things like pebbles and old roots are already taken out for you.