Open-plan offices offer many benefits over traditional, boxed-in rooms. However, even in an open space, it's good to have some separation. Loosely dividing your office into various spaces for collaborating, quiet work, break time and other activities can be really helpful in boosting productivity. One great way to do this is with indoor plant hire. 'Living walls' break up an open office without making it feel closed in, and you can rearrange them whenever you want with ease. Plants are also proven to offer numerous benefits to employees, from increased productivity and creativity, to reduced sickness and absences.

Here are three ways you can partition your office with hired plants.

Plants on Shelves

If you want to replicate the feeling of individual rooms while maximising how open the space feels, plants on shelves are a great divider option. Free-standing shelving racks come in various heights and widths, and many are modular so you can place them side by side with ease. Once you've selected your shelves, all you need to do is select potted plants to line them with. There are numerous varieties of small plants you can use, from low-maintenance succulents to fragrant herbs. This creates a unique leafy display and distinctly zones your office space, but the gaps between the plants and shelves still allow workers to see through like they would in a completely open office.

Modular Plant Pots

With modular plant pots, you can create movable half walls out of greenery. These cube-shaped planters can be seamlessly linked side by side, functioning exactly how a half wall would. They come in a variety of colours and materials to suit all styles of office décor, and some even have cupboards inside for extra storage. Once filled with plants, they provide a high-enough barrier between seated workers while still allowing people to stand up and communicate quickly and easily. This type of arrangement allows for larger plants; it's a great place to use short and bushy varieties, like aglaonema and anthurium.

Free-Standing Trees

If you're more focused on creating an atmosphere than physically segmenting your space as clearly as possible, try free-standing potted trees. There's an endless variety of indoor trees and tree-like plants available for hire. Try ficus plants and palms to maximise leafy greenery, or bring in colour and a real taste of the outdoors with indoor lemon and orange trees. This is the easiest type of plant divider to rearrange, which is great if your office environment is ever-evolving.