If you're a gardening enthusiast, here are some steps you can take to avoid being injured whilst partaking in this pastime.

Use a delivery service when purchasing heavier gardening supplies

Many of the supplies that you need to maintain your garden are very heavy. Things such as large bags of mulch and fertiliser, as well as garden tool sets, can all weigh quite a lot.

If you decide to go to one of your local shops to buy these things, there is a risk that you may sustain an injury.

For example, if you are a fairly small person and do not have much upper body strength, the process of picking up and carrying a 50kg bag of mulch or fertiliser could lead to you rupturing a disc in your spine or pulling a muscle in your shoulder or lower back. If you sustain an injury of this kind, you may be unable to garden for several weeks.

As such, if you need to buy heavier gardening equipment or materials, then it's sensible to use one of your local garden supply delivery services. They will drop off your purchased items at your home and thus ensure that you do not have to risk your physical safety by collecting and carrying them yourself.

Invest in high-quality gardening gloves

A lot of the equipment that is typically used when tending to a garden is quite hazardous. However, you can mitigate a lot of risks associated with using dangerous gardening equipment simply by investing in a high-quality pair of gardening gloves.

In order to keep you safe whilst you tend to your garden, these gloves must have several properties. Firstly, they should be cut-resistant; this will ensure that your skin will not be lacerated if you accidentally brush your hand against the blades of your electric grass trimmer or your garden shears.

Secondly, the gloves should be filled with anti-vibration gel; this will reduce your risk of developing nerve damage when operating vibrating tools (such as hedge trimmers and brush cutters).

Thirdly, the materials that the gloves are made from should be pliable enough to maximise your hands' range of motion. This is important because if the gloves are too stiff, you may struggle to keep a firm grip on the tools that you are using.

This could result in you dropping one of these tools onto your feet. If the equipment features a sharp, moving blade, your feet could be seriously injured.